Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova, Stop Eating and Drinking, live on air and light only

Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova pleaded not hungry later today. She hopes this is a good step before she became a Breatharian, which only live on the air and light. “Hopefully it is the final stage before I can live with air and light,” she said in a recent interview as reported nydailymail.

“For weeks not eating and drinking, I do not feel hungry at all. I hope this will be so, until finally I could really live without food and drink, ” Valeria said, as quoted from dailymail.

Abnormal behavior is not the first time declared by Valeria, before she ever say that she was a spiritual teacher who can communicate with the aliens, and has the ability to time travel.

Valeria ( 28)  is very eager to live with breatharians method that can survive with nothing but air and light. Ukraine’s model admitted that she had stopped eating and drinking and claims only consume cosmic micro food. Not described  what is cosmic micro food.  The decisions taken by Valeria, of course, to maintain her figure and existence as a living Barbie dolls.

Waist size is small and thin, just like Barbie, made ​​a number of people have accused her of doing plastic surgery, or Photoshop modified. Apparently, all these allegations are wrong. Because, her waist and abdomen slim were obtained with an exercise and  extreme diet

The Breatharianism practice criticized by many parties because bad and dangerous as some of followers reportedly died of starvation. But until now no one has comprehensively examined medically.

Dr.Ronald Hoffman, Director, Hoffman Center, said that Breatharianism lifestyle, can lead to delusions and already there is one person who died of starvation in a long time.
Last year,   A woman (65 yrs) from Seattle, managed to survive with only water and tea only for 47 days. Initially she intended live up to 100 days, but because she often heard whispers of the universe, then she soon stopped for fear of insanity and death.

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