Identify Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

The risk of heart disease in men and women are equal. But in terms of symptoms, is different. A common symptom of heart attack, shortness of breath feels like a heavy load crushed, tend to occur frequently in men than women.

"In fact, 43 percent of women who have coronary heart problems do not have symptoms of chest pain at all," says Marianne Legato, Head of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, who quoted from page Prevention.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women is not clearly visible. Thus, women are often late for check-up. In fact, the chances of survival can be increased 23 percent if treatment is given three hours after the attack, and 50 percent if medical treatment is given one hour after the attack.

Therefore it is important to know the symptoms of a heart attack in women. Obviously, in order for you more quickly detect heart attacks and risk of death can be suppressed.

1. Extreme fatigue
During bebrapa days or maybe a week before the heart attack occurred, 70 percent of women feel very weak and incredible fatigue. It feels like a sudden there was no strength to raise your laptop or preparing food.

2. Pain is not too feels
Women do tend to not feel pain in the chest during a heart attack. But actually feel pain in the upper back, shoulders, neck, or jaw.

3. Excessive sweating
You could suddenly sweating so much for no reason. Facial skin also looks very pale.

4. Nausea or dizziness
Before the heart attack, women also tend to experience indigestion until vomiting. The head also hurt and make you like want to faint.

5. Trouble sleeping
Most women who experience heart problems will be difficult to sleep soundly because it is often awakened in the middle of the night.

6. Very restless
"Many women who feel anxious, frightened and worried without cause before a heart attack occurs," Dr. Legato.

The body, according to Dr. Gelato, like telling something will happen. For that, do not underestimate if you feel there's something wrong with your body. immediately

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