Katy Perry Secrets Workout Routine and Diet plan

Pop diva whose name entered the ranks of 100 women sexy version of a famous men’s magazine three years in a row. Right diet plan and regular workout is the secret why woman whose full name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson has a beautiful and sexy body.

Katy always add more practice time in order to fit and sturdy. So, do not be surprised if one of the leading  world sports brand  would love make Katy Perry as their  ambassadors and advertising products.

Harley Pasternak, Katy Perry’s personal trainer leaked the secret that she almost every day to exercise, despite being out of town once. Much less, Katy did not hesitate to bring the dumbbells and skipping rope when traveling, she also diligently practiced single leg dumbbell deadlifts.
“Katy likes with single leg dumbbell deadlift movement and a series of exercises ranging from the upper body to lower body for 25 minutes, and continued with skipping rope approximately 30 minutes” Harley said”

Diet Plan
Diet 5-6 times a day with an additional snack between meals make her body remain energetic in every appearance. Katy Perry’s daily menu contains protein from lean meats and fiber from beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables remains a menu that can not be abandoned. As apple fans she claimed when the diet was leaking she would consume burgers, but with extra vegetables and chicken salad.

The Workout!
“Sport is a fun thing.” That’s Katy Perry’s watchword to pace herself in discipline workout. She always pictured Sly Stallone character in Rocky movies, which are so energetic when exercising.
“Exercise skipping in the Rocky movies is something that everyone remembered. Accompanied by up-beat music makes exercise so much fun, “she said

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