Want to Orgasm Many Times? Tip and Tricks

Want to Orgasm Many Times? Tip and Tricks

Orgasm is usually always accompanied by ejaculation making peak times can only be felt once. After ejaculation, both men and women will feel tired and no longer able to continue the sex session. But that happens if you do not know the tricks in sex!

With special ways, can be arranged so that the sensation of orgasm can still be enjoyed without haste followed by ejaculation. But this may not always of the effort your partner only, for women there is a trick to this effort is successful for both parties. Here's the trick.

Men, do this!
The more a man can not control ejaculation, the less satisfaction to be gained.

Therefore, ask your partner to orgasm control and a sense of satisfaction in order to be able to continue to increase without any stimulation to ejaculation reflex. One of them with a slow rhythm when he had felt it would reach the top.

By postponing orgasm, men will actually feel the intensity increasing. All he needs is a lot of reading about Tantra techniques and books that support, and continue to practice it with your partner or alone.

Secret tricks for you
What about women, do you just feel as the receiver, so no need to try? No, Ladies! You also should try to realize the dream together.

In order to achieve orgasm and feel the intimacy with a partner, you can make the contraction in the vaginal muscles during penetration. Yet so close to the big O, switch your feelings for another thrill-seeking rather than late in arousal that can lead you to orgasm.

You and your partner should do the trick this to feel it's time to reach the top, and you can release all of the above control after intense orgasm many times of course!

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