To drive the woman get climax at 8 sensitive areas

To drive the woman get climax at 8 sensitive areas

To begin to make love, do not have to say it with words directly. Body language, through movement and touch are sometimes more efficacious in fishing partner would be invited to make love.

Both men and women have sensitive points that can be touched when stuck lust. Touches on the sensitive areas will bring the thrill and increased libido.

Many women have a sensitive organ for touch, from head to toe. But not many men who know it. Touch sensitive areas hers. Touches the top of the stimulus will bring it.

Here are some areas that need to be sensitive to women known to man:

To initiate sex, touch focus in the head area. Use the tip of the finger and middle finger to rub her temples to behind the ear. Play her hair. Head with a light massage.

While massaging and caressing, whispering sweet words that provoke the rising lust. Do it slowly. When the whispered words could interspersed with kisses and small bites to the ear

After that your partner's head lay in her lap. Forward-massage to massage her feel relaxed and appreciative react.

Furthermore, the area could be lowered to touch the neck. No problem using the hand or mouth. Most women like when her partner to move hair from one side to the other side of their neck, stroking, kissing and kissing. When it was brought rhythm, you can continue to touch the lower area.

When kissing, try to kiss her skin and hair as well. Do kiss up to the shoulders and back. At the same time wrap your hands to the waist and give it also touches on this area. Many women are very complacent with the touch of a kiss on the shoulder and waist.

When the couple is not dressed or wearing sexy clothes, stretch her legs and spend a few moments to enjoy the inner and outer thighs. In addition to the eye, savor through the touch of hands and lips.

Do not try a little bite. But keep away from vital organs. Smack the area between the outer labia and then finish up the upper thigh with his tongue. This direction will provoke the emergence of touch sensation experienced tremendous partner.

Knee and back knee area also sensitive woman. If the pair back, lift
feet, rest on your body and begin to browse through the back of her knee. Kiss slowly the area.

If instead, give it a touch and a kiss on the knee. And watch her reaction. Do not bite this sensitive arena. By reflex she could kick her knee when she  receive a sudden stimulus.

Hold hands with palms facing each other and use two fingers to gently touch the palm of the hand. Try to feel the whole hand.

Put your middle finger in your mouth and the fun of the mouth. Gently ask her to do the same thing.

Hold hands with your palms facing, and use the fingertips to the wrist down. After a few minutes of stroking, use the lips, teeth and tongue to kiss and nibble slowly inside of her wrist.

Hug your partner's waist with both hands and inhale the aroma when the nose close to your partner's stomach. Kiss her belly from one end to another, and suddenly let your tongue licking.

Do it over and over again, especially around the navel. You will easily find out which part of the touch in this area that make your partner horny or inflate the stomach as a sign he received a great stimulus.

Either the middle of sex or foreplay, place her ankles on your shoulders. Touch to make her "alive."

Coax one of her hands and kisses from one side to another.

If it is necessary to use massage and apply a cream to warm. Do massage from the fingertips and then slowly rise to the heel, calf, knee, and thigh.

Massage-massage will make her relax. The more relaxed the easier it will increase libido.

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