Great Sensation Making Love in Water

Making love should not be monotonous to do in bed or floor. Sex variations in the water will provide no less exciting experience. Especially in an atmosphere of water in the tub or shower is cold. Like what?

Slick, but fun

Sex in the water provides a sense of slick, but fun. You can use a waterproof silicone condom type that will not reduce comfort during penetration.

Sex in the water is a variant of sexual sound sexy, also presents different fun and enjoyment.


Maybe you think, should use extra lubricant when making love in the water. You are mistaken because the amount of fluid lubricant, it will clean up the natural fluid that comes out of sensitive areas of your body. The result, satisfaction will be reduced enjoyment of sex.

Increase passion

Effect of water not only gives freshness, but also able to provide exceptional passion for intimate activities you both. Oxygen content in water can be a great stimulus to spur the body refreshed.

You even more passion in intercourse. Naughty fantasies can be realized with different sensations, such as sex in the water.

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