Spray Condoms, newly trend of contraceptive

Spray Condoms, newly trend of contraceptive

The good news for men who feel his penis is too big or too small so difficult to find a condom that fits with their size. A German inventor has made condoms with spray system.

With condoms, is guaranteed that there will be no loss for the corresponding condoms because condoms will adjust the size by itself.

"If you go to the drugstore to buy condoms, the most sold are fit for men with average penis length of 14.5 cm. But many people who have a penis smaller or larger than the size of it," said the inventor, Jan Vinzenz Krause, director of the Institute for Condom Consultancy as reported by Spiegel Online, Monday (11/6).

Krause then thought why not adjust the size of the condom are the man, not the other way?

He created the so-called condom condom 'spray-on' with a spraying system pumps liquid latex to the genitals in a matter of seconds.

Krause has filed a patent for the latex spraying system he created.

He admitted that he had had a successful prototype and these findings in experiments can adjust the size with the largest size though.

"With this technology, we can even spray a condom on a penis elephant," Krause said jokingly.

To use this spray condom, the man put his penis into the tube and press the button to spray liquid latex from a removable cartridge.

Rubber latex will dry in seconds. After completion of use, condoms can be removed like a regular condom.

The time needed to be dried latex is about 20-25 seconds. But Krause is seeking to time can be accelerated again to 10 seconds.

"In our surveys, we found two different responses from the men. Some men say it's a great idea and would be very helpful because it's hard to find a condom that fits. While others say no, imagine how to use it. The problem is that using a condom is considered intrusive sex, "says Krause.

Spray-on condoms are sold at a price that is more expensive than a conventional condom. Jar tools are valued 15 euros to 25 euros. Liquid latex refills to produce 10-20 depending on the size of condoms will be sold at prices 7-10 euro.

If the count is calculated, to produce a condom costs one euro, far more expensive than conventional condoms are only about 50 cents.

Condoms are available in red, green, yellow and transparent, but not available in a variety of fragrance because lubricants are needed to add flavor.

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