Important to be a concern for pregnant women during sexual intercourse

Important to be a concern for pregnant women during sexual intercourse

Pregnant does not mean woman can not have sex with their husbands. There are some specific pregnancy conditions that make sexual activity a temporary stop. Actually, what to watch out for?

A. Hazardous conditions

There are certain conditions during pregnancy are usually not allowed to have sex, such as bleeding during pregnancy, placental location below, the birth canal infection, pregnancy or other problems.

2. Not Too Aggressive
If pregnancy is still in the first trimester (1-3 months) sexual relationships should not be too aggressive, not too deep penis penetration, especially if woman ever utters the spots of bleeding after intercourse.

3. Safe time
Sexual relations conducted in the second trimester, between the fourth to sixth months are considered safe to do so, because this time the pregnancy is more stable.

4. Position
When entering the third trimester which is about the seventh month, to note the current position of penetration, not to suppress the mother's abdomen. A safe position during pregnancy is the woman on top or side. Why? With this position woman can adjust the depth of penetration of partner's penis.

5. Towards Childbirth
In pregnancy is not having problems, before the days of birth it's good to have sex, that prostaglandins of the semen, can help stimulate uterine contractions to easier the process of birth.

6. Beware
If after intercourse occurs spots bleeding, contractions, or the amniotic fluid came out later that many arise whitish, colorless, odorless and itchy, immediately consult a gynecologist you trust.

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