Morning is the best time to perform sexual intercourse

 Morning is the best time to perform sexual intercourse

Many people assume that sex is the most romantic if done at night. But that assumption was not entirely true.

For couples who are too busy, it seems rather difficult for taking the time
sexual activity, when the body is tired from a day of activities.

It can be dangerous to the harmony in a relationship.

Research shows that early morning is the best sex and the most beneficial for you and your partner.

As quoted from Thirdage, sex in the morning is very beneficial for you and your spouse in the morning because the body will release chemicals (oxytocin), which is a hormone to induce a feeling of happiness throughout the day. research
This is done by Dr. Debby Herbenick, which is also the author of articles about sex.

Sex in the morning to help strengthen the immune system. Not susceptible to coughs, colds, flu and others. This is because during sex in the morning, antibody-producing substances are commonly referred to as LGA, the number increased.

In addition to some of the benefits above, sex in the morning can also help improve and maintain a network of hair, skin nails, which of course it will make the body part eye-catching.

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