Slim Naturally Without Diet Tips

Being slim is ideal almost all women. It can not be separated from the view that women are pretty identical trim.

Another reason why people want to lose weight is a fitness and health. But to be slim for most people is not easy, especially when it has entered the age of 30.

Changes in metabolism often cause weight gain and stomach becomes distended, whereas the problem of obesity is actually not too difficult.

Well, here is easy and natural way to boost your metabolism so your body will be more slimmer with healthier.

Do not forget breakfast

One way to raise your metabolism is to eat breakfast. Why? Because our bodies are created in such a way as a method for surviving. As we begin a new day without food intake in the morning with the aim to reduce calories, your body is caught as a period of "fasting".

Your metabolism will go down so the body can maximize the food supply in the body for a longer period of time. Therefore, when you eat during the day, the intake of these foods are digested more slowly and not burn the calories will be stored directly as fat.

Regularly eating

Often eat small amounts will make sure that your metabolism will remain active. Because of this many diet experts recommend that we divide the intake of food needed every day into 5 serving, compared to eating three meals a day.

Routine exercise

It is advisable to exercise burns more calories. In fact, exercise also increases your metabolism all day. You may only burn 200 calories through exercise. But you will burn more calories during the day while not doing Lot of activity. Therefore, to maximize the effect of exercise by exercising in the morning.
Drinking coffee and tea

The content of caffeine in coffee and tea can boost metabolism. But be careful and do not consume coffee and tea at night because you'll have trouble sleeping.

Enough sleep

A research from Columbia University explained that those who slept less than four hours a day had 73% higher risk to become obese.

Because, during sleep, our bodies will do the regeneration of cells. Having enough sleep will make this cell regeneration is complete so that our bodies will be able to perform tasks and functions to the fullest. Including to restore the body's metabolism.

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