8 Causes of Vaginal Infections symptoms

Vaginal infection symptoms is one of the common diseases suffered by women around the world. One possible cause is a fungal infection, which is the second most important factor causing vaginal infections.

A number of accompanying symptoms include discharge a milky white or yellowish vaginal discharge, itching, burning sensation when urinating, until the pain during sexual intercourse.
Many things can cause vaginal yeast infections. For example, the use of soap trigger allergies or douching process (spraying the vagina with water) to clean the feminine area.

Well, here are some other factors that can cause vaginal infections

1. Tight underwear
Use of underwear that is too tight or made ​​of synthetic materials, can lead to infection around the vagina or vulva.

2. Contraceptive pill
Contraceptive pill can cause hormonal changes in the body. Furthermore, the use of contraceptive pills can result in the onset of vaginal infections.

3. Intimate relationship
Less intimate areas of personal hygiene after sexual intercourse can cause infection.

4. Diabetes
Diabetics have a higher risk to suffer from vaginal infections.

5. Antibiotics and steroids
The use of antibiotics and steroids can kill good bacteria found in the vagina. In fact, these good bacteria serves to maintain vaginal acidity, thereby preventing the growth of fungi and other microorganisms.

6. Transfer of infection
Infection can be transferred from male body to female body through sexual contact or vice versa.

7. Low immunity
People who are undergoing cancer treatment or AIDS eat lots of antibiotics and steroids, so it weakens the immune system. Weak immune system making people more susceptible to infection.

8. Hormonal and fertility treatments
Women who undergo hormonal therapy and infertility treatments more risk of being infected fungus

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