7 Secrets of Women's Sexual

Sexual life, married couples are not interchangeable selfish. Each partner needs to understand the desire to equally achieve happiness in marriage.

The problem is, sometimes women do not dare to express what she felt. As a result, many husbands wonder, how could satisfy their partner.

That need to be known by the husbands, women have secrets that could make the passion more passionate. In order for the husband no longer feel confused, this article leaked the secret seven sex woman.

1. Express feelings of love
Passion she will be more easily light up when they hear phrases about the feelings of love from her partner. Men should be able to express his feelings, in order passion make love his partner can occur within a short time.

2. Many women worry about her looks
After marriage and childbirth, many women feel less attractive to their partner. Therefore, to increase her confidence, occasionally give praise her. This will have an effect on the 'action' woman when making love.

3. Women want the husband to help improve the mood to make love
Women need to feel and gentle treatment before having sex. For example, how to treat it as into a bed. This greatly affects the response and performance in bed. Attitude do not care, rude language, harsh tones, hurtful words, and criticism only makes her hard to feel enthusiastic and excited during sex.

4. Orgasm is not a must for women
Many men think that is a good partner can make a woman achieve sexual climax. It is not wrong if you can please your partner, but the climax is not always an important necessity for women. Sometimes instead of having to climax, women prefer foreplay only.

5. Do not be too serious when making love
Making love with a playful interlude was more qualified. Many men who are too serious about sexual activity. They forget to laugh, romantic, naughty, and have fun. Making love while doing a game can make intimate moments into fun and relaxing.

6. Women love to caress
Women love romantic treatment, hug, hold hands and kiss. Many women complain because their partner rarely or never do this. Not just when making love, while spending time together, women like to be pampered with a touch and kiss.

7. The importance of warm attention after sex
Some women complain about their partners who fell asleep after sex. It is true that when a man is having sex, endorphinnya very high level. After ejaculation, the man through a refractory phase when he lost his erection. As for women, it happens gradually phase.

So, if you do not like the couple went to bed, tell him. Ask your husband to talk while still in his arms. After that, you both can sleep soundly

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